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Subscribe to CoBirds (Colorado Birding Mailing List)

Colorado Birds (CoBirds) Mailing List Transcript

Birding on the Net (regional email lists, etc.)

Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory

Colorado County Birding Page (CFO)

Colorado Field Ornithologists (CFO)

Colorado Bird Records Committee

Mr. Bill's Mystery Quiz (CFO)

Western Field Ornithologists

American Birding Association (ABA)

ABA online bird quiz


Birds of North America online

Birdsource- Birding With A Purpose


Avibase- World Bird Database

World Bird Guide

USGS Bird Checklists of the United States

USGS Patuxent Bird Identification InfoCenter

University of Puget Sound Bird Biodiveristy Pages

The Condor (searchable ornithological archive)

World Bird List (about 10,000 of 'em)

6th Edition of the ABA checklist

Cornell Laboritory of Ornithology Online Bird Guide

American Ornithologists' Union

Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology Online Bird Calls

Naturesongs Digital Recordings

Digiscoping Shortcourse (including links) (radar ornithology, etc.)

Hanging Rock Raptor Observatory (Raptor ID & Calls- Eastern Species)

Powdermill Nature Reserve Banding Program (Excellent overview of banding and great close-up photos)

The North American Bird Banding Program (North and Central American Owl Info, Pics, Calls, etc.)

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