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Middle Fork Hot Springs

Perhaps the thing that sets the Middle Fork apart the most from other river trips I've done is the abundance of hot springs along the river corridor. There are seven hot springs, four of which we visited. We camped at Sheepeater Hot Springs the first night (what a way to get the road dust and first-day jitters out!), had a lay over the next two nights across from Sunflower Hot Springs, hiked down to Loon Creek Hot Springs the fourth night, and stopped in at Hospital Bar Hot Springs the fifth day. Our group's hot springs champion, Ken, logged enough time in the water to begin sprouting gills and webbed toes.

Sheepeater Hot Springs pools on left side of clearing.

Choose your pool- choose your temperature!

Clearing created by hot springs on terrace above camp- deer graze and get minerals along the edges as you soak.

A short ferry across to Sunflower Hot Springs.


Relax in the pools on the cliff above the river, or...


Get pounded by the shower below!

Someone put a lot of work into building the tub at Loon Creek Hot Springs...


And I'd like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU!!


Rare Giant Helleborine Orchids drape the tub and surrounding seepages.

Hospital Bar Hot Springs makes a nice stop.

Might as well wet a line while everyone soaks in Hospital Bar!

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